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About Wicca Kitchen


Culinary Medicine practitioner

 Body Nurture & Food Plans

Plant based Products

Freelance Chef

Crafted with the intent of mind, body and soul revitalization. Our mission is to restore and maintain health by spawning a re-connection with earth and plants.  We work with clients and businesses to create a plant filled future. We offer a variety of services from meal plans, health protocols to menu creations or cook ins.  




                   A word from our founder:

My goal is to get families back to the table again and connected over amazing tasty food, vegans and non vegans. To fearlessly forage there evening meal instead of a frantic fast food super market frenzy. 

But this is only the beginning of the story.

My aim is to make it even easier for individuals and businesses to cook delicious plant-based meals that don’t cost the earth but come as freshly as they can from the earth. 



Health is not about the absence of disease. Many people will go about their lives eating, drinking, thinking and breathing as they wish. Often with little thought of how all of these things are manifesting and flowing through our bodies. Only when we become unwell do we start to think about what we are eating, only when we become stressed do we think about the things that we have carried.  Day to day we tend to suppress the emotions we cannot deal with or the signs from our bodies that maybe what we are doing isn’t so welcome. Then when eventually illness kicks in we then tend to adopt a one size fits all approach, but we are not all one size.


The wicca kitchen approach asks you check where you are now regardless, as an individual or business. Our models reviews food holistically: is this sustainable ? What is its nutritional value ? Will this feed or rid disease? What steps are needed to be more plant based friendly? Is what I want to achieve realistic? And more importantly...IS IT TASTY. 

This methods looks at both the big picture and the small details, helping us understand and interpret gaps for improvement. 


We believe everyone has the power to heal with food... our services supports your power to do this as an individual or business. 


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